Friday, October 16, 2009

Finally A Card!!

Good afternoon ladies!! I have finally found some free time to stamp.......and all I had to do was quit my job to find it! :) HAHA......yes, that is right.......I quit my job! Now I have plenty of time to stamp and try new things...........until I find a new job of course :)

Last night I had a friend over and between visiting and eating junk food I was able to FINALLY try out one of Michelle Zindorf's awesome tutorials! Have you ever seen her tutorials? They are AMAZING!!!! is the card that I made using her tutorial.....I can't wait to try more!!

1 comment:

Me, my life and my family said...

First things first, your card is beautiful, so much talent.

As far as your job, just had enough of driving. Good for you, can you work more hours at the LSS?