Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Stamp with Tess Tuesday!

I know I am SUPER late making this post.....I have been hiding out in my basement trying to ignore the storms that have been blowing in and out this evening!! We were pummeled by heavy rain, winds and the thunder and lightning show was crazy!! I dislike these storms...I am always afraid a tornado will follow closely behind!

Anyway, that being said....I have a pretty easy one for ya today :) I wanted to take a chance to show off some of the new paper, and colors that are coming out.....SO....YOUR mission, should you chose to accept it......show me your creations using something NEW! Maybe you have been hoarding some paper you don't want to open yet.....or just got a fancy new punch....whatever the case may be, I know we ALL have something that is NEW!!

So, break it open and show me whatcha' got!! And for now....I leave with this sneak peek...are you counting down the hours til the new Catty is available?!?!

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